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The ABAplus™ - Intro to ABA Course is designed to provide paraprofessionals and educators with a basic understanding of the principles of ABA and their application to the education of individuals diagnosed with ASD and related disabilities. This 25-hour course includes lecture and hands-on practice across the following topic areas: • Introduction to ABA and ASD • Reinforcement and Preference Assessments • Data Collection • Skill Acquisition • Preventing and Reducing Challenging Behavior. The ABAplus™ - Intro to ABA Course is based on NECC's training model used with over 3000 staff working in ABA programs in public schools. Completion of all 17 ABAplus™ - Intro to ABA Course modules, including all final quizzes, is required to receive a Certificate of Completion. Subscription is valid for 180 calendar days. NOTE: If you are pursuing the BACB RBT Credential, please register for the ABAplus™ RBT Course. Registration for both courses is not necessary. More
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